Zhejiang Liqiang Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is a technology-based private enterprise integrating scientific research and development, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, technical consultation and academic exchange of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. It has won the honors of high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou and small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology in Zhejiang Province. Some products have been evaluated as "new technologies and new products of China's energy conservation and emission reduction" by relevant departments, and have been selected into the recommended catalogue of energy-saving and emission reduction products in many industries. The company is a member of China Environmental Science Society, China Environmental Protection Federation, China printing and dyeing industry association, Zhejiang Environmental Protection Industry Association and other industry organizations. The company has strategic cooperation with scientific research institutions of universities in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Anhui, and is committed to providing energy-saving and environmental protection equipment and engineering technology services for textile, printing and dyeing, printing, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, food, papermaking, electronics and other industries.


Our products are not only supplied to China, but also sold to Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh.


Main business:

Environmental protection:Treatment facilities of Waste gas from dyeing and finishing machine、Treatment facilities of Waste gas from dryer、Treatment of high temperature waste gas, black smoke and oil pollution、Oil mist purification equipment、Grease trap、UV photo oxygen purification equipment、Spray tower、Workshop dust control, tail gas mist eliminator, high voltage electrostatic precipitator and DC high voltage power supply.

Energy conservation:Waste heat utilization equipment of dyeing and finishing machine waste gas、Waste heat utilization equipment of dryer、Waste heat utilization equipment of coater、Flue gas waste heat utilization equipment、Heat exchanger。




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